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Restaurants & Bars

Pullman Kuala Lumpur City Centre Hotel & Residence offers an array of authentic dining options for cosmopolitan travellers. From Cantonese dim sum and the freshest sashimi to casual international cuisine and cool poolside cocktails, Pullman satisfies cravings.

  • red-chinese-cuisine

    Red Chinese Cuisine


    Experience a trendy dining scene, this unconventional Chinese restaurant offers diners a gastronomical journey with live seafood, handcrafted dim sum and sumptuous Cantonese fare. RED...

  • sedap-restaurant

    Sedap Restaurant


    Drawing inspiration from the Malaysian phrase ‘Sedap’, which means ‘delightful’. Sedap is a stylish restaurant just off the Pullman lobby. Chefs cook up an array of Malaysian and...

  • enju



    A light and airy space that combines natural materials, Japanese simplicity and modern lines. An open kitchen showcases the master chef preparing fresh sushi and sashimi. Three cosy rooms offer...

  • blu-bar-cigars

    Blu Bar & Cigars

    Bar / Lounge

    Stop over for casual meetings and fresh drinks at Blu Bar & Cigars. This open, relaxed setting invites travellers to sink into stylish armchairs and chill over drinks and tapas. Browse an...

  • living-space

    Living Space

    Pullman has created a special club exclusively for apartment guests. Living Space is open from 6:30am to 10pm daily on level 10, adjacent to the pool, garden, Vibes Spa and Fit Lounge. A...

  • terrace-poolside-bar-grill

    Terrace Poolside Bar & Grill

    Bar / Lounge

    The ultimate in pleasure: lounging by the outdoor pool with a cold beer, house cocktail, specialty smoothie, freshly squeezed juice or refreshing yogurt drink. On the 10th level, palm trees and...


Special Offers

  • early-bird-ramadhan-dinner-buffet

    Early Bird Ramadhan Dinner Buffet

    Experience a top Ramadhan bazaar at the hotels driveway, featuring 10 live cooking stalls with festive favourites such as Sultan Lamb Shank and Ayam Panggang Bazooka, along with...

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  • aroma-nusantara-dinner-buffet

    Aroma Nusantara Dinner Buffet

    Make it one of your favourite Ramadhan bazaar that set at the Hotel driveway with delightful flavours to break your fast.   DAILY  |  6:30pm – 10pm  ...

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  • raya-open-house

    Raya Open House

    Celebrate this festive season with a lunch or dinner raya themed buffet featuring delectable menus like lamb stew cashew nut and raisin, roasted chicken and many more.  ...

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  • raya-bites

    Raya Bites

    Traditional cookies with a variety of flavours including Homemade Kurma Dates, Sambal Paste and others, perfect for enjoying during this festive season.   11 MARCH...

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  • muhibbah-a-la-carte-menu

    Muhibbah A La Carte Menu

    Let our two in-house Chefs; Chef Halim to work hand-in-hand with Chef Kong to provide warm meals in making your dinner with a great combination of Chinese and Malay dishes....

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  • sahur-buffet

    Sahur Buffet

    Start your day with a healthy and sumptuous Sahur buffet to keep you on the move throughout the day.   Sahur Buffet 11 MARCH UNTIL 7 APRIL 2024  |  4:30am –...

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  • golden-pillow-bread

    Golden Pillow Bread

    Give it a try our homemade bread that wows you with the aroma and flavourful rendang or curry wrapped inside.   DAILY  |  6:30pm – 10pm   DRY CHICKEN...

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  • unlimited-chinese-brunch

    Unlimited Chinese Brunch

    You can indulge in an unstoppable variety of Chinese cuisine for a continuous 4 hours period at a single-fixed price – an abundant and endless brunch deal that features...

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  • seafood-steamboat-dinner-buffet

    Seafood & Steamboat Dinner Buffet

    Indulge in a Saturday night feast with a delectable array of local seafood, including lobsters, oysters, prawns, mud crabs, scallops and more. Customise your seafood selection...

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  • family-fun-lok-lok-high-tea-buffet

    Family Fun Lok-Lok High Tea Buffet

    Experience a delightful family-friendly high tea, perfect for parents and kids alike. Delight in a diverse assortment of skewered meats, vegetables, dumplings and fish balls...

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  • fusion-signatures

    Fusion Signatures

    Free up your space and take snapshots of our interesting presentations, showcasing a various range of astounding cooking styles pair with the best accompaniment. Do not pass up...

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  • fresh-matcha-specialties

    Fresh Matcha Specialties

    Stick with the classics, or try something new. Our creations have everything from traditional matcha lattes to matchajito. These 7 matcha recipes include a sweetener to balance...

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  • crabs-from-the-tank

    Crabs From The Tank

    RED Chinese Cuisine brings you a delectable dining experience with the freshest crabs in KL city centre. Indonesian mud crab and Australian green crab are kept alive and stored...

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  • sedap-lunch-buffet

    Sedap Lunch Buffet

    Sedap Restaurant serves quality spread with a variety of local and international dishes, fresh seafood, daily carving, dessert counter, ice cream and more for lunch buffet on...

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  • crab-nasi-sedap

    Crab Nasi Sedap!

    Feast on extravagant Sedap’s Signature Nasi Sedap with mud crab from the tank as main dish and other dishes such as tiger prawn, kampung-style fried chicken, squid sambal,...

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  • korean-malaysian-wings

    Korean + Malaysian Wings

    Our chefs’ creation Korean chicken wings and drumlets suit local tastebuds. It coated with choice of soy garlic, red pepper, Korean kimchi and salted egg yolk. You can even...

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  • corporate-meal-box

    Corporate Meal Box

    No matter how busy you get, don't skip your lunch and dinner. Peek on our Corporate Meal Box at RM80 per set; choose either Western set, Japanese set, Chinese set, Malay set or...

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