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  • special-merdeka-dinner-buffet

    Special Merdeka Dinner Buffet

    National Day celebrations that unite Malaysians in their love for the country's multicultural cuisine. Our special buffet spread is the best choice that offer unique fusion and blend of all diversified cultures in Malaysia...

  • seasonal-live-butter-crab-%e6%96%b0%e9%ae%ae%e5%ad%a3%e7%af%80%e9%bb%83%e6%b2%b9%e8%9f%b9

    Seasonal Live Butter Crab...

    Live Butter Crab is unlike any other crab dishes: it is a seasonal dish that exclusively combines the butter crab's paste, roe and its meat. It is flavourful with all four preparations on the menu, including the must-have...

  • sedap-lunch-buffet

    Sedap Lunch Buffet

    Sedap Restaurant serves quality spread with a variety of local and international dishes, fresh seafood, daily carving, dessert counter, ice cream and more for lunch buffet on weekdays. With one price, you will be able to...

  • sedap-dinner-buffet

    Sedap Dinner Buffet

    You can now enjoy the sumptuous spread of local and international food each station from appetizers, seafood on ice, the popular station of handmade breads and colorful desserts by our pastry chefs, and live station of...

  • xiao-long-bao-%e5%b0%8f%e7%ac%bc%e5%8c%85

    Xiao Long Bao 小笼包

    An upgrade of Chinese soup dumpling stuffed with fresh crab roe and crab meat. Not just appealing presentation, it is a traditional taste and slurpable, definitely elevate your dining experience. View flyer here...

  • red-business-lunch-set

    RED Business Lunch Set

    RED Chinese Cuisine is a specialty restaurant serving Cantonese dishes including dim sum and signature live crabs. Try our business lunch set; you can choose from the likes of a soup, two main course and a noodle or rice....

  • weekday-dim-sum-lunch-%e5%8d%88%e5%b8%82%e7%82%b9%e5%bf%83%e5%a5%97%e9%a4%90

    Weekday Dim Sum Lunch...

    Simple and classic Cantonese fare you can't resist a seemingly delicious dim sum dishes. RED Chinese Cuisine is master of your favourite snack-sized Cantonese dishes created six-course and a dessert!  View flyer here...

  • grab-go-breakfast

    Grab & Go Breakfast!

    When you're attending morning meetings, appointments, or catch a train, sometimes the only chance to eat is when you’re on the go. Grabbing a fast breakfast is easy enough. View flyer here   Available daily,...

  • chefs-signature-tasting-menu

    Chef's Signature Tasting Menu

    Red Chinese Cuisine introduces a new seven-course Chef's Signature Tasting Menu showcasing top quality produce and his cooking skills to offer a new Chinese dining experience.  View flyer here   Available daily,...

  • seafood-feast-dinner-buffet

    Seafood Feast Dinner Buffet

    Head to the best all-you-can-eat buffet with a seafood extravaganza comes with an impressive selection over 60 dishes, highlight including live US oyster where chefs open the shell fresh in front of you, mussel, scallop,...

  • dim-sum-fusion-brunch

    Dim Sum & Fusion Brunch

    RED Chinese Cuisine is one of the popular dim sum brunch spots and we have new creation; a combination fusion brunch of Japanese and Chinese dishes! Served in RED Chinese restaurant with popular dim sum favourites including...

  • unlimited-chinese-dinner-%e6%99%9a%e8%86%b3%e4%bb%bb%e4%bd%a0%e5%90%83

    Unlimited Chinese Dinner...

    Indulge in a variety of dishes laid from seafood hot and sour soup, wok-fried lamb slice with Mongolian sauce, wok-fried chicken cube with basil leaf in Taiwanese style, wok-fried mud crab with special chili sauce, braised...

  • arabic-snack-and-shisha

    Arabic Snack and Shisha

    The menu offers a delightful Arabic street food and various shisha flavours. The food prepared à la minute with flaming BBQs by our chef who will grill your food according to your preference as per your order.  ...

  • family-fun-high-tea-buffet

    Family Fun High Tea Buffet

    A family-friendly high tea buffet for parents to enjoy and kids can participate in various activities on level 10 that never get bored! Access to theatre room to watch their kids' favourite cartoon or movie, having a...

  • kids-enjoy-free-holiday

    Kids Enjoy Free Holiday

    Unleash your kids play wild in this school holiday for free! Book our Family Room and enjoy the family moment together. Kids below 12 years old stay and dine for free (food and soft beverage only) when accompanied by a...

  • superior-seafood-pot

    Superior Seafood Pot

    A flavorful and aromatic broth lays the foundation for a delicious fresh seafood soup made with whole Boston baby lobsters, tiger prawns, sabak clams, African fish maw, African 12-head abalone, US scallops and seasonal root...

  • crabs-from-the-tank

    Crabs From The Tank

    RED Chinese Cuisine brings you a delectable dining experience with the freshest crabs in KL city centre. Indonesian mud crab and Australian green crab are kept alive and stored in filtered aquariums. Our chefs ensure the...

  • lao-yi-lao-hot-pot-dinner-buffet

    Lao-Yi-Lao Hot Pot Dinner...

    Serving at Enju restaurant, choose your favourite from beef bacon, beef ribeye, crabs, tiger prawn, sabak clam, seabass fillet, squids, mussels, scallops, and sliced jade abalone that go with your choice of soup from spicy...

  • bbq-buffet-roasted-whole-lamb

    BBQ Buffet + Roasted Whole...

    Enjoy unlimited serving of seafood on ice, assorted sushi and sashimi, beef and whole lamb roasted to perfection with other of your favourites. View flyer here  View menu here   BBQ Buffet + Roasted Whole Lamb...

  • weekend-bbq-staycation

    Weekend BBQ Staycation

    Head to Kuala Lumpur to unwind and relax after a long day with a delectable spread of BBQ & Roasted Whole Lamb dinner buffet that's everyone's favourite. View BBQ & Roasted Whole Lamb Dinner Buffet menu here...

  • love-birds-package

    Love Birds Package

    For a special occasion or to simply celebrate your love for each other, we create a romantic ambience as a perfect retreat!   From RM888, for 2 adults Package includes: 2 days / 1 night stay inclusive of...

  • corporate-meal-box

    Corporate Meal Box

    No matter how busy you get, don't skip your lunch and dinner. Peek on our newly launched Corporate Meal Box at RM80 per set; choose either Western set, Japanese set, Chinese set, Malay set or Vegetarian set. You can also...

  • korean-malaysian-wings

    Korean + Malaysian Wings

    Our chefs’ creation Korean chicken wings and drumlets suit local tastebuds. It coated with choice of soy garlic, red pepper, Korean kimchi and salted egg yolk. You can even order a bowl of kimchi fried rice to pair with...

  • crab-nasi-sedap

    Crab Nasi Sedap!

    Feast on extravagant Sedap’s Signature Nasi Sedap with mud crab from the tank as main dish and other dishes such as tiger prawn, kampung-style fried chicken, squid sambal, fried bittergourd, pickled acar, cucumber raita,...

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