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Bakul Juadah Berbuka

Bakul Juadah Berbuka
From 25/03/2023 until 25/04/2023

Our popular bakul raya that’s ideal for light meals, snacking and ‘moreh’, 5 in demand of food bazaars cater in a vintage bamboo basket tray.


BAKUL KEK MENTEGA                                                                                          RM35

Original Butter Cakes, Banana Cakes and Marble Cakes (12 slices each)


BAKUL LEMANG AND KETUPAT                                                                             RM55

Bamboo Glutinous Rice served with Beef Stew and Chicken Serunding


BAKUL PANGGANG                                                                                             RM55

10 pcs of Roasted Local Herb Coconut Chicken Wings


BAKUL SATAY                                                                                                       RM55

Chicken and Beef Satay (12 pcs each) together with Onion, Cucumber,

Compressed Rice Cake and Peanut Sauce


BAKUL KUIH-MUIH                                                                                                RM55

8 types of kuih with 4 pcs each


All prices quoted are subject to an additional 6% service tax.


Order a day in advance. Delivery and pick-up options available.


Enquire further details at the Kampung House, Lobby Level

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